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The advancements in medical sciences have made almost everything possible. Getting a fix for your teeth in just one day might seem difficult, but it isn’t.

The changes in the implant dentistry sector have made it possible for dentists to create custom dental crowns, bridges and veneers during a single appointment. Why would you want to wear removable temporary dentures when you can get same-day dental restorations? The whole surgery is performed by expert surgeons in an in-house custom dental lab, and the results are worth every penny. You can get the surgery done while sleeping or with sedatives.

Let’s look at the process and outcomes.

  • Minimal recovery time:

This is the best part, as the fabrication of your new teeth, extraction of your teeth and bone procedures are all done in a day’s time and don’t require much recovery time. You can go home with a new set of teeth and without any causalities or pain. Isn’t it nice? You get a functional set of teeth and can eat whatever you like without having to think twice. Just don’t try breaking a nut shell with your teeth, please.

  • Avoid multiple surgeries:

Same day dental restorations have another benefit: you don’t have to go for multiple surgeries and pay extra. Your work is done in a day. It not only saves you time and money, but saves you the torture of numerous visits to the dentist. Who likes going to the dentist all the time, eh?

  • How teeth implants are different from fixed dentures:

In a teeth implant, after the CT scan you are given a temporary template which has to be worn for several months before they prepare the actual bridge. With a one-day fixed denture, you can get permanent teeth on the same day, and they are as good as the real ones. So, why wait months and waste time when you can get great results in a day? Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

  • Comfort:

It is very important to be comfortable with your teeth, as they not only help you eat but provide a foundation for the features of your face. The fixed dentures are as comfortable as they can get and help you avoid public embarrassments like the denture being loose or the inconvenient smile. You care about your smile, don’t you?

  • Is it for everyone?

This is important; though the process is fast and affordable, it’s definitely not for everyone. If you smoke or have a softer bone quality, it can lead to implant failure. A dentist with experience placing dental implants and permanent dentures can evaluate your candidacy.

Same day dental restorations involve  minimal surgery and enable you to be able to eat and speak with ease. It’s affordable, instant and the results are great. You might have a little soreness the next day, but apart from that, it’s great. Why wait six months when you can get it done with in a day?