Disability doesn’t have to cause a hindrance in your everyday life. If you have suffered a serious injury and need support to perform basic activities such as moving or walking about, you will need to consider buying a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are used by people who can’t walk without support. These scooters are considerably faster than electrical wheelchairs, and are ideal for getting work done. They have a supportive cushion that keeps your back steady while you drive. If you are looking to purchase mobility equipment, the following guide will help you make the right purchase.

Selecting the Right Option

With so many stores currently selling Avon mobility equipment, there’s no shortage of options available to customers. You can choose from high-speed scooters that can go up to 32 KMPH at full throttle, or you can choose a cheaper option depending upon your budget and your needs. When you visit any mobility equipment store, you can browse through several options and then decide which is best for you. You have to sit in the scooter and see whether it’s comfortable enough for you or not.


Since mobility scooters are generally quite expensive, many companies also offer alternate payment plans. You can choose financing from the company to get a deferred payment plan and pay out the remainder of the money in installments. Financing is a wise idea for people who cannot afford to pay the whole amount in one go. You can negotiate the amount you will pay as a down-payment and determine the monthly instalment and the repayment period. If you choose the financing option, you will need to pay interest on top of that fixed amount as well. Most companies charge a small percentage as a mark-up on the overall price for extending the financing facility.