With age, your teeth no longer remain as white as they used to be; they gradually lose their sheen and color. Although there may be various means to curb these effects, none of them is as effective as the teeth whitening treatment from a dentist.

Follow this guide to make your teeth shine again with the teeth whitening treatment with a dentist in Essex.

Why Do The Teeth Whitening Fade?

Stain on your teeth or getting yellow is a common phenomenon with everyone, and it is mainly due to your dietary habits. 

For instance, smoking and chewing tobacco cause discolourations; similarly, drinking coffee or wine regularly is the reason for the staining of white teeth. 

How Does The Process Of Teeth Whitening Take Place?

The process of teeth whitening is quite simple, and there are two ways of performing whitening treatment.

In the first method, the dentist will take an impression of your jaws for creating a mouth guard, and this will be integrated with a gel to do the bleaching of teeth. Moreover, in the second method, the dentist covers your teeth with a powder, and then it is exposed to light to react with the compound resulting in your teeth getting brighter gradually. This method is also known as power whitening, and it is a standard method used. 

Your dentist in Essex will help you choose the best of the two methods suitable for whitening your teeth; therefore, you don’t have to stress choosing between the two. The expert and talented team will do their best in regaining the white shine of your teeth with their professional touch within a few sessions making your teeth look bright and healthy once again.

How Safe Is The Treatment?

Before going for either of the two methods, there is always anxiety and doubt in the patients’ minds about the safety angle, particularly the technique that uses bleaching agents. 

It is essential to strictly adhere to all the instructions given by your dentist in Essex. In case you are using a home kit, the gel should be used very miserly to avoid irritation and burning sensation when it comes in contact with the gums.

To resolve your doubts about the teeth whitening treatment, you can get in touch with the expert’s team. Dentists can help you in regaining the brightness and whitening of your teeth as it was initially. Just reach the dentists at the right time.