Massage Therapy

Pain, stress and exhaustion are expressions of the body that tell us that something is going wrong. These are among the most common physical and emotional signs, which are supported by changes in hormones. Generally, cortisol is the guilty hormone. Despite what we think, whenever we are affected by these health issues, it means that we need to change our lifestyle. The thing is that most Canadians simply resort to taking pain killers or some other drug to manage the situation. This can be effective but only in a short term. Masking the problem is not the right solution. Besides, consuming too much pills might actually create a drug addiction. So, for people currently overwhelm by life, a massage therapy is the perfect fix.

Through various techniques and styles specifically adapted to the patients’ needs, Canadian therapists can provide comfort to a specific area. The most frequently used techniques are rubbing and pressing of your skin, tendons, muscles and ligaments. According to Canadian scientific studies, dopamine and serotonin (pain-numbing hormones) are released by the body through the action of a properly executed massage. That effect of feeling calm and relaxed, make chronic pains and daily stress a thing of the past. Furthermore, a massage therapy also removes lactic acid from muscles by using pressure and good oxygenation. By doing this, a person immediately gets an improved lymph fluid circulation which is in charge of carrying out stored waste products of organs and muscles. The end result, a much better blood pressure and overall body function. To this we can also add the important impact of a massage in reducing the effects of certain diseases like is Carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain), Tendinitis, cancer, HIV, and Parkinson’s disease.

But the benefits are not over. A good massage therapy helps the body digest food better to supply vital organs with needed nutrients. Likewise, for people in need of physiotherapy, usually after surgery, massage therapies are one of the best choices to quickly heal the damaged tissue and get back on their feet.

It is valid to point out that Canadians with high levels of stress are more prone to sickness and injuries. The reason for this is that stress affects sleeping patterns, nutrition, and muscle resistance. This means that if not properly handled, stress can substantially lower our immune system. In regards to this, studies have shown that frequent massage therapy not only reduces stress but it can also boost the body’s cytotoxic capacity, which deals with getting rid of dead or sick cells.

Overall, a massage therapy in Canada does it all. It is a miracle worker as it increases blood circulation, reduces stress, tension and anxiety, makes us sleep better and it completely relaxes the body. Massages not only make the body better physically but also emotionally. Furthermore, Canadians should use massage therapies to prevent nasty injuries in the future. Because of this and much more, massages in Canada are considered a complementary form of medicine.