Often, dental implants are mistaken with removable dentures. Ergo they are associated with all the negative connotations of removable dentures, such as the inconvenience and the slight irritability of the gum line. However, with dental implants, this is simply not the case. Dental implants are basically replacement tooth roots, used to fill in gaps when someone loses one or more of their teeth. For years, the only viable treatment on hand was dentures or bridges, but they are no longer the only options. These new dental implants provide a strong new support for any replacement teeth with barely any noticeable changes to your mouth.

There are many benefits to dental implants which are listed below:

  • These implants, if well taken care of, will last for years, if not an entire lifetime.
  • The implants will fuse to your jawbone through a process called osteointegration. They become a part of your mouth and therefore are not as awkward as removable dentures.
  • Because the implants merge with the jawline, they feel like any other tooth would. They do not look as cumbersome as removable dentures and bridges do.
  • It can be cumbersome, constantly removing and caring for dentures. Not to mention sometimes embarrassing for the wearer. Dental implants completely eradicate any need to remove your dentures.
  • Easy food consumption. Removable dentures have a tendency to slip and slide during any strenuous mouth or jaw movement and this can make eating very difficult. But as dental implants act as your own teeth they remain in place while chewing and thus make eating easier. This also reduces the pain that can sometimes be caused by dentures while chewing with any force.
  • Improved speech. Due to removable dentures often slipping and impeding tongue movement, talking can become difficult as the saliva builds up in the mouth and causes slurring and drooling. But with dental implants it is guaranteed that they won’t slip or cause any of these problems.
  • A boost in morale and self-esteem. Dental implants mean that you will never have to hide your smile again for fear of your dentures slipping out of place. There will be no gaps in your teeth or any unfortunate slips with your dentures again as the implants become part of your bone structure.
  • Oral Health. Other dental procedures regarding bridges and things often have to reduce or file away at the existing teeth surrounding the afflicted area, this is not the case with dental implants. No teeth need to be altered as the implant sustains and supports itself. This means your long term oral hygiene and health improves vastly. The implants also allow access between teeth which make them easier to clean and improves their health.

There are many benefits to acquiring dental implants and the good news is almost anyone is eligible for them, providing there is no medical complications such as jaw issues that might halt the surgery. Implants are a sure-fire way to improving your smile and overall oral health.