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Taking a whole body or holistic approach to your health is undergoing a revolution. Every branch of health and wellbeing now has its holistic version. Mainstream medicine always focused on cure rather than prevention. It now admits that treating the whole body may, in fact, be preferable for our health.

A whole body approach is going to focus on everything that you put into or on the body. It will also look at the environment you are living in. That means eliminating as far as possible our ingestion or contact with toxins and chemicals that may well be causing us to feel ill.

Here are some great ways to get you started. Adopting these will not only make you feel better, but they might also give you far less reason to get sick in the first place. Here’s to a Happy Holistic New Year!

Start with the heart

At the centre of it, all this fist-sized muscle is there for life, ceaselessly pumping blood around our bodies. We can feel its pulse, and we know we are alive. But how much thought do we give it until it starts to suffer? Cholesterol, sugar and stress are its enemies. To keep your heart healthy and doing its job, we need to exercise with the emphasis on cardiovascular training. That is anything that raises the heart rate. Cut down on high manufactured food and sugars. Cut down on stress by learning how to relax


Fill your lungs with air and breathe! But what are you breathing in? Quit smoking today. It is simply putting poison into your body. Reduce pollutants in your atmosphere and use only natural cleaning products in your home or workspace


Getting your eyes tested is necessary. Eye strain will only make your eyesight worse. Give yourself and your eyes a break from intensive computer sessions. Take rest, drink plenty of water and always wear UV sunglasses outside in the sunlight.


In days gone by, dentists were fond of plugging your teeth full of toxic mercury. Thankfully these days are over. A holistic dentist can remove those fillings as well as treating your teeth as a part of your overall health. As always, stay away from sugar and clean and brush your teeth regularly.


It’s in there somewhere! At least, we think so. Exercise is going to help, less stress will do – but most of all keep yourself mentally stimulated. Encourage new neural pathways to open up by doing as many new and challenging activities as you can.


Skin breathes. That’s a fact. Don’t slather it with layers of makeup. Use only organic natural skin products and drink plenty of water. Let it breathe but avoid strong sunlight. Stay well away from tanning stations.

A whole body approach means taking take of everything. Neglecting one part will inevitably affect the others. Check into a clinic and enjoy a full body massage now and again. Enroll in a yoga class and find the right level for your body.

Use it or lose it could be a great mantra. Muscle tone and flexibility go if you are not exercising. Adjust your diet.  Incorporate as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can and cut out all processed sugar. You’ll be feeling better and looking better, and well on the road to your holistic New Year.