Have you ever thought about pairing cannabis alongside your yoga practice? Or if you have, do you want to know more about how it works?

Well, you’ve definitely arrived at the right article. The use of cannabis during yoga can be a tremendous experience. We’re going to explore the ways it can enhance your yoga practice and how to make the most of it.We hope that it helps you refine the way you use cannabis and derive more gains from yoga.

Yoga + Cannabis

When you bring these two together, two of the most relaxing and calming practices are united.

Studies have shown that the benefits of yoga are multiplied when paired with cannabis. Everything from stress reduction, pain reduction, low blood pressure and more are improved when these two are combined.

  1. Focus and Flow

If you’re looking to focus on your body while you also open your mind to a stronger creative flow, cannabis and yoga are ideal partners. They can help move you away from the stress of doing each pose perfectly and simply enjoy the flow. The time usually spent trying to eliminate the worries of the day will disappear. Instead, you will drop into each practice with ease.

You may discover a soft energetic body flow instead of a physical and mental grounding. Your body will experience a sense of separation from your mind. This will contribute to a smoother practice and a sense of mental openness.

  1. Body and Mind

The practice of yoga brings with it both relaxation and spiritual awareness. When combine with cannabis, it can boost the ability of our minds to make meaning of these achievements. When you employ cannabis, it can help make the difficulties of yoga positions easier.

When you pair cannabis with yoga, you may find that your energy levels will go through the roof. You will find that you may feel more in sync with the movements and the music. With each twist and stretch, you can experience more sensation than usual. This will allow you to be more present in each moment.

  1. Short Term and Long Term Benefits

While the effects of cannabis are plenty, they don’t last forever. However, yoga has the ability to ensure our minds and bodies receive a long term boost. For those out there that suffer from movement related disabilities, yoga and cannabis are natural partners!

  1. Magnify Meditation

We’re in awe of the ability that cannabis has to enhance any meditative session. It creates something like an antenna that’s wired directly to our inner self. It can help to amplify our feelings and thoughts. Yoga is a practice that can help cleanse our bodies of toxins. When these two come together, it becomes an amazing joint venture.

We can calm our bodies and cleanse our minds at the same time. You can experience a wonderful body high while keeping a clear mind. It will produce an energizing yoga flow that will leave you feeling clean and refreshed afterwards.

  1. Release Inhibitions

The use of cannabis edibles, flowers or any other products, can help break down our inhibitions. This will help your yoga practice to become more liberated. You see, the mind can often be the most difficult roadblock to a rewarding yoga practice.

Did you know that the Sanskrit word “yoga” comes from the same root as the English word “yoke”? Well, both of these words are synonyms for connection. Cannabis and yoga will permit you to feel more connected with your body and ignore the outside world.


The use of cannabis and yoga will gift with peace of both body and mind. It has been employed for millennia as a way to heighten our consciousness and help us connect with our minds and bodies in new ways.

Did you know about the many benefits of pairing yoga and cannabis? Is there a method we overlooked? Let us know in the comments.