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Seniors are prone to accidents and injuries. In fact, every year, millions of elderly individuals suffer from accidents in their own homes. Some of these people suffer from major injuries while others, unfortunately, experience much worse.

While most ageing people prefer to enjoy an independent life, a lot of homes aren’t specifically designed to cater to their needs.

According to research, most seniors suffer from injuries and even fatalities because of slipping or falling in their home.

If you want to prevent debilitating injuries and create a safer place where you can enjoy your days, you can use the tips laid out in this article.

Have damaged flooring repaired

Carpeted flooring is great for old folks because these offer cushioning system. Carpets can also make the floor warm and cosy. However, these can cause tripping if they’re not installed properly.

If you find any loose edges on your carpet, use tape or tacks to put it back in place. Also, if the rugs or carpet gets frayed, you should have them replaced them as soon as possible.

Create larger spaces for walking

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If you’re using a mobility equipment, it’s crucial to have enough space inside the house. If needed, you should move the indoor furnishings. You should be able to move from one room to the next without bumping your knees or elbows.

Avoid using oxygen in the kitchen or balcony

When using supplemental oxygen, there are a few things you have to keep in mind:

  • Never smoke while using the oxygen tank.
  • Don’t use supplemental oxygen while you’re in the kitchen.
  • Never attempt to change the flow rate of the gas.
  • Don’t attempt to store the tank inside the cabinet or car trunk.
  • Don’t use any electrical device while on supplemental oxygen.
  • Never try to cut the oxygen tube without the instruction of your physician.

Do keep in mind that it’s quite safe to use supplemental oxygen at home. It’s not explosive or flammable. However, it can support fires.

Clothing, table linens, and other similar materials at home can easily catch fire if the oxygen level is too high in a specific room. Avoid burns and other similar accidents by being more careful when you’re on oxygen therapy.

Make sure that you don’t overload the circuit

Overloaded circuits start a deadly fire. It would be such a nightmare to deal with fire most especially if you live alone.

To avoid tripping the wires, make it a habit to unplug the appliances when you’re not using them. Try to check the condition of the wires too. If the conducting material gets exposed, have them replaced or covered.

Instead of wearing long sleeves, go for close-fitting clothes instead
A lot of ageing people prefer wearing loose garment because it’s comfier compared to close-fitting ones.

However, there may be some instances where you should avoid wearing loose clothing increases. For example, you should avoid wearing them when you’re cooking because they can increase your chances of catching fire.

Wipe clean spills as soon as possible
Slipping is one of the many causes of serious injuries suffered by old individuals. These often occur when there is a very little amount of friction on the surface of the floor. Here are some of the key ways you can avoid injuries caused by slipping

If you find any spills, you should wipe them right away. You can place a soft rug on slippery areas.

Install grab bars and non-skid mats in the bathroom

A lot of old folks get badly injured in the bathroom because of slippery tiles. To avoid slipping and breaking your bones, you should invest in a few items such as non-skid bathroom mats and grab bars.

You should also minimise using the bathtub. Also, it’s best to keep the bathroom floor dry, most especially after taking a bath.

Never attempt to reach high objects using a chairs or stools

Use a stool ladder instead of a chair when you reach for any item. The chair might topple or collapse while you’re standing on it.

This may cause you to fall and sustain injuries.

When you use the ladder, make sure to place it on an even surface. Make sure that it won’t rock when you climb the steps.

Close the closet and its drawers to prevent tripping

It’s quite painful when you accidentally bump kitchen cabinets or drawers. As such, you must see to it that you close or push them all the way before you leave the kitchen. If possible, avoid placing too many items in the drawers. This might only cause it to reverse when you try to close it.

Always keep the flashlight and walking aids close to you

Emergency situations happen at any time. That’s why you need to keep your walking aids and flashlights close to your bedside. This will allow you to move out of the house or room with greater ease.

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Living independently as a senior is quite empowering. However, it does come with risks. To fully enjoy your life during your late years, make sure your home is senior friendly. Keep in mind the tips shared above.