Dental Implants

Dental treatments were always something which terrifies people, and that is because in the past there were treatments which were painful enough to scare people away from dentists.  Well, now the time has been changed and so does the medical treatments. Even for the Dental Implants Toronto, you will not find any difficulty regarding that. As Toronto is the city where people just love to try different cuisines, and they have a habit of eating new foods all the time. There are several types of dental implant methods, like first and common one is the single tooth implant. Well in any implant treatment it should be really necessary for your jawbone and teeth to be strong enough to withhold this new replacement. So in the single tooth implant when one of your teeth breaks down, then in order to fill it up, an artificial but natural-looking tooth is being fixed over there.


This process is not that much simple as it seems to be. The reason is that this new tooth will be crowned with your jawbone in that place which is kind of a complicated process. IT does not matter that which one of your teeth is being missed, as this surgery would fill up that gap easily anywhere in your mouth. There are basically three different things in a Dental Implant, and the first one is the implant itself which is fixed to the jaw, and it is made from titanium which is a very strong metal. Then comes the Restoration, and this is the crown which will be used to attach the tooth to your jawbone. And this is also made from some metal, most probably from stainless steel.


And the last thing is Abutment this works as a connector between restoration and implant, and it is fixed or screwed with the implant. This part is also made from titanium, but sometimes it is also available in the Gold as well. The basic purpose of getting an implant is that to fill up the empty place of your original tooth, and this new artificial tooth should act exactly same as the natural one when you have laughed loudly or when you need to eat something hard. This is not a treatment to be completed in a single day, instead, it would take several months, in which estimated time is 6 months. The reason that why it takes so long to complete this treatment is because it takes some time for the mouth to adopt these new teeth. In the start, the pain you will feel is when you are eating something, and that is just natural.

Failure Rate

And as the time would pass then your gums would start to adopt this teeth and crown, and in all this process you have to visit your dentist’s clinic from time to time so that your dentist could observe all the changes. Even though with so much experience of the years, sometimes it happens that implant gets failed. Or in other words when you are going to a dentist clinic for tooth implant then keep in mind that its success rate is just 75% to 95%. But you should not lose your hope by that, and never hesitate to get this treatment, as this is the first step toward a new lifestyle.