Skin tags are benign growth that look like tiny flesh of skin, deformed in shape outgrowing your body. Skin tags are caused due to obesity or rubbing of skin layers. Scientifically known as Achrochordon, skin tags are caused due to accumulation of the blood vessels and collagen in the thicker parts of the skin. Although they are not harmful, they may harm your self-esteem and may cause great discomfort when they spurt out at awkward places on your skin, so getting rid of them would be a priority. These skin tags may occur both in men and women and usually seen on the neck, eyelids, lower part of the breast and armpits.

There are many medical treatments available for skin tag removal but fortunately, there are many effective home remedies too, to eradicate these skin tags. These natural treatments do not have any side effects, but if you have one on the eyelid, it is recommended to take the help of a professional. Let’s look out some very simple yet effective ways to dissipate those yucky skin tags:

  1. Removing Skin Tags Using Oregano Oil:

Oregano consists of phenolic terpenoids components such as arvacrol, thymol and p-cymene and has very strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, anti-melanomic, antispasdomic and antiseptic properties. It cures skin tags within a fast period of 15-20 days. However it may take longer to treat some typical cases. It’s better to try out on a little portion to know whether it suits you. Let’s see how to treat:

What do you need?

  • Oregano Oil – 2-3 drops
  • Coconut Oil – 4-6 drops

Preparation and Method:

  1. Mix Oregano and coconut oil
  2. Apply this on the skin tag three times a day
  • You may notice the tags changing the color; getting red, purple and dark black gradually before dropping off your skin.


  • Don’t apply the oregano oil without diluting it with a carrier oil or you may get red skin marks on the surrounding skin.
  • As eyes are the sensitive organs, do not apply this oil on the eyelid.

In case of any problems, consult the physician.

  1. Making Black Walnut Hull Homemade Tincture

Black Walnut hull has been a traditional and very effective herb for curing various skin diseases including moles, warts, acne, athlete’s foot, skin tags and eczema. Targeting the skin tags using this herb, they’ll die and fall off. It’s primary ingredient Juglone makes the unwanted skin cells toxic to a level that your body rejects the tissues. You can prepare two types of tinctures: Water based and Alcohol based. The Alcohol based tincture is more effective and works fast but use it only if your skin can bear the stinging sensations, otherwise prepare a water based tincture.

What do you need?

  • Black Walnuts 5-10
  • Water – to immerse the husks
  • A Saucepan
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Vitamin C powder

Preparation and Method:

  1. Use gloves because walnuts may stain anything that comes their way
  2. Remove husks from the Black walnuts.
  • Put the green husks in a saucepan and pour enough water to cover them
  1. Heat till it boils
  2. Now, put off the flame and cover it with a tight lid
  3. Let this rest for 24 hours, then strain and store it in a bottle
  • You can add Vitamin C if you want as a preservative, this is good for skin also.

Apply this homemade tincture on your skin tags 2-3 times daily to see great effects.


If you are a pregnant woman, do not use this remedy without consulting a doctor.

Another great way to heal skin tags is using the banana peel. It is an environment-friendly remedy using a waste banana peel instead of trashing it. Simply, cut a small piece of peel and place it on the tag inside-downwards. Wrap this with the bandage firmly and leave it for the whole night. Repeating the process every night for a few days will let the skin tag drop off. These home remedies are just amazing and should be tried to treat to some of the common skin diseases rather than approaching the doctors for surgery. Stay Healthy!