Have you ever woken up at night with a sharp, sudden pain in your muscles? Well it’s more than likely that you’re suffering from muscle cramps.

Muscles cramps at night are involuntary and can be very uncomfortable for those who experience them, with some cases involving severe pain for the recipient.

There are a number of reasons why muscle cramps can occur, with the most common reasons being too much exercise in hot weather, or side effects from medications such as Ventolin, Lasix and Zaroxolyn.

Despite being harmless for the most part, muscle cramps are certainly something you want to put an end too as they can disrupt your sleeping pattern. Here are a few handy tips to help you stop getting muscle cramps at night.

Stay hydrated

Water is essential when it comes to muscle contraction and relaxation.

Without it, your muscles can cramp up after you’ve exercised. That’s why it’s so important to drink plenty to keep yourself hydrated when you’re playing sport or some other form of exercise.

When you exercise, there is a drop in your salt levels, and if you don’t increase your intake of water, this can cause your muscles to cramp. Muscle cells need to be fully hydrated to work to their full capacity.

The amount of fluid you need to take in depends on a number of factors including your diet, your gender, the climate and your general health overall.

Change your sleeping position

Another cause for why you’re getting leg cramps at night could be your sleeping position or posture.

A good way to combat cramps is to sleep with your feet hanging over the side of the bed, as this can help relax your muscles. If your legs don’t reach the end of the bed, then simply moving down can help resolve leg cramping.

An alternative you can use, is keeping your legs elevated whilst your sleep as this too can resolve cramping.

If your mattress size isn’t allowing you to sleep with the correct posture, then consider investing in a custom mattress from The Odd Mattress Company, which you can tailor to you comfort needs.

Remember to maintain your mattress correctly by flipping and rotating it 180 degrees on a regular basis, this will preserve its condition for longer.


Perhaps the first rule of exercise is that it’s important to remember to stretch. Not only does this help prevent injuries but it will also stave off muscle cramps.

Stretching plays a huge role in keeping your muscles strong and flexible as well as maintaining healthy joints.

It’s essential that you stretch your muscles before and after you perform any exercise, as well as in the evening before you go to sleep. This will stop cramps occurring during the crucial hours you should be sleeping.  

For further help, you could purchase a foam roller or a massage stick, both of which allow you to perform self-massage and have the ability to mobilise any damaged tissue.

If these tips have been unsuccessful in helping you overcome your muscle cramps, then it’s in your best interest to visit a doctor to discuss the issue further. This could help determine whether there’s an underlying condition behind your muscle cramps, such as a poor blood supply or compression to your nerves.