Leaving the piles of paperwork on your office desk is a relief. The feeling of completing your day at work is something that needs a simple celebration. Of course, you’ve been doing it since the first day you were hired. But, a few incredible highlights on how you’ve worked hard will surely need a good call for a party.

For some people, a party would mean having few good drinks at the bar. Others would just call on for a quick party in their house. While others are busy with laughter and friends, others are looking for tranquility. Peacefulness and a satisfying massage would be a nice tandem to end the day. It won’t require too much of your effort but it surely will give you enough strength for tomorrow.

As services about hot stone massage have become popular, finding one might be a challenge. Considering the numbers of establishments offering such service, a quick look at the reviews is ideal. Just in case you’re having trouble in looking for the right one, you could click here to learn the best.

Warnings and Risks to Consider

Usually, the session would last for 1 ½ hour. But, for the sake of providing satisfaction to the customers, a least of 2-hour massage is the best choice. Being excited to receive the message is normal. But, for you to become ready, it is important to know few things first.

  • Don’t arrange an appointment if you’re experiencing a bleeding disorder
  • Don’t get the massage if you have existing burns on the skin
  • Don’t continue the session of you have open wounds
  • Don’t pursue the massage if you’re suffering from diabetes
  • Don’t start the session if you had a surgery in the last 6 weeks
  • Don’t arrange the session if you have a severe osteoporosis
  • Don’t get this treatment if you have a low platelet count

Even if you’re going in for a relaxation, there are still important things to follow through. If the attendant asks you about your health condition, don’t hesitate to express the truth. The last thing they’d want to happen is having an issue with the customer’s health from their massage treatment.

What to Expect During the Session

In order for you not to panic as the therapists do the work, you need to be reminded of these things. For first-timers, you must focus on the details which will be enumerated in this paragraph. From the placement of stones up to the techniques applied, you must be ready to take it all willingly. Avoid asking too much question to your masseur. You better stay relaxed and focused all throughout the session.

Placement of Stones

  • On the stomach
  • On the palms
  • On the feet
  • In-between toes
  • Along the spine line
  • On the chest
  • On pressure points of the face

As soon as you’re ready, there will be series of massage to give you the best treatment. To summarize the techniques, you must check out the hints below for your guidance.

  • Vibration
  • Kneading
  • Long Strokes
  • Tapping
  • Circular Movements

Depending on your preference, the masseur can adjust to it. You should arrange the package with the attendant before pursuing the session. If it’s your first time, you can ask about the best package for a guaranteed satisfaction.