There’s nothing better than a workout that makes you feel energised, powerful, and strong. The best exercise sessions are the ones that leave you more awake and alive than you were before, rather than worn out and ready for bed. Making these dream workouts a reality isn’t as tough as you might think. Make sure you fuel your body with these energy-boosting tips, and you’ll get the power you need to start your day right.

  1. Bring the right fuel. Depending on the type of exercise you’re doing, it may help to have energising snacks and drinks with you while you workout. If you’re doing endurance-based cardio, keeping high-glucose energy dense snacks or rehydrating fluids in your sports locker will ensure that you power through your exercise without losing strength. Pack a protein shake to down after you finish and you’ll be more than ready to tackle the rest of the day.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep. Your body repairs itself and gets the rest it needs to stay healthy while you sleep, so hitting the gym after a sleepless night could do serious damage to your workout. Stick to a healthy sleep schedule and remember to wind down with a relaxing routine before bed if you want to feel your best when you exercise.
  3. Keep your diet on track. While fuelling up with carbs before a run and eating protein after strength training will help you make the most of your workout, your overall diet is still extremely important when it comes to maintaining your energy levels. Focus on creating a meal plan that covers all of the necessary food groups and allows for plenty of fresh vegetables and good quality protein.
  4. Be careful with cutting. Cutting down on body fat by restricting your calorie intake may be the right way to get down to a healthy weight, but over-restricting can have a negative impact on your exercise routine. If you frequently feel worn out and struggle to get through your usual workout, you may be working at too large a calorie deficit. Adjust the numbers so you’re getting what you need to stay fit while still gradually burning body fat.
  5. Eat light before you start. Some people prefer to do their cardio in a fasted state, but most do best with something light and energising in their system. Eat a small carbohydrate-rich meal about an hour before you do cardiovascular exercise so that you have the energy you need without feeling weighed down or nauseous at the gym.
  6. Drink a pre-workout. There are supplement drinks that you can buy that are designed specifically to supercharge your workout. You don’t need anything too fancy – just a drink that contains a decent amount of caffeine and vitamins to get you in the mood to move. Make sure you read the label before drinking any pre-workout supplements so you know that it’s safe for your particular needs.
  7. Blast mood-boosting music. The right music can make all the difference when it comes to working out. Design a playlist of tunes that instantly pick up your mood and boost your energy levels, head to the gym, put in your headphones, and tune the rest of the world out.