The women I know come in all sizes and yes we have the same issues that all women have, yet some of us have tried the quick fix.Did it take care of the problem? Yes it did take care of the health issues they had at the time and the girls that had already changed their life style before the surgery kept the weight off and those that resorted back to bad habits put the weight back on. What do you think when you hear x in front of word? I think large. Most people would agree that the x-factor describes more than average. Are extra-large women healthy? I think that depends on how they wear it.

The average size woman has all the same body parts as the XL woman. The average woman has the same pro women’s health issues to face. The size of a woman does matter to the people who love her. She is facing the same struggles as any other woman. The women I know who have put their health first are willing to share what they do to keep on top of their health. Weight, depression, cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer are just some of the problems women face. The fact is you need to prepare your body for your life.

The other solution is to change your life style.  It is the same with women with eating disorders. They would get to a good place and then resort back to the disorder. Something has to change in the way you approach your life and how your body plays a part in it. So here you are facing one of these issues what do you do? There is no magic pill; the quick fix for extra weight could be surgery. Diets don’t work. What about diabetes, or high cholesterol? Will the surgery or pills fix that too? What are the risks? For me death is a price to high to pay. 

What is the reason some of us fail and others strive? Women who are happy and health are that way by choice. They chose to look for alternatives to support the life they want, they don’t give up. Health is the number one thing on their list today and every day. Every choice they make is to support their health. Extra large women are taking charge of their health. Size does matter, and you can keep your curves, be large and in charge of your healthy life style.