Breaking Your Cigarette

If you have a cigarette-smoking habit, you know how serious that addiction can be. If you’ve tried to quit, then you know how difficult it is to quit smoking. Nicotine addiction is very strong and hard to break, largely because it works on two different levels. To truly break free from cigarette addiction, you have to understand the two different levels on which it works. Cigarettes are addictive chemically and habitually.


The cigarette habit is actually slightly distinct from the cigarette addiction. The habit is largely based on the physical sensations associated with smoking that make it difficult to quit. That includes the time of day that you smoke, the relative time you smoke, as well as the sensation of lighting a cigarette, inhaling and exhaling. You can become attached to the habits and rituals that surround cigarette smoking almost as much as you are chemically addicted. For example, some people prefer to have their cigarettes after a meal. So, if you’re one of those people, you might have an incredible urge to smoke a cigarette after you eat a meal. That is going to be a hard habit to break; however, if you’re determined, you can do it. That’s easier to do if you deal with the chemical addiction as well.


Nicotine is an addictive substance that is present in tobacco. It is present in the tobacco plant as a defence mechanism against predators, but when ingested by humans, it creates alertness and pleasant sensations. Smokers are typically chemically addicted to the nicotine, and the body craves it. That’s a very difficult craving to break.

Breaking Your Cigarette

So, you have to ask yourself if you’re trying to break the nicotine habit or the cigarette habit. Cigarettes have been well-documented as being detrimental to your health in a variety of ways. The health effects of taking nicotine by means other than smoking are less well-known. So, if you seek to cut the negative effects of cigarettes, you should think about breaking the cigarette habit instead of the nicotine habit. What does that mean? Well, you can get your nicotine in other ways besides from cigarettes. More precisely, you can get your nicotine in ways that do not involve tobacco. Tobacco contains dozens of chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

The Benefits of Vaping

Vaper Empire e-liquid nicotine levels can be adjusted to whatever is right for you. If you are trying to replace your cigarette habit with something less detrimental to your health, you can vape with an e-liquid that has as much nicotine as cigarettes. If you’re looking to break the cigarette habit and the nicotine habit, you can gradually step down your nicotine levels until you’ve broken free of cigarettes as well as nicotine.

Vaping liquid typically contains an atomised liquid, flavouring, and nicotine. The two different types of e-liquid are based on vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is slightly sweet and produces thick clouds of vapour. Propylene glycol is flavourless and responsible for the stronger sensation of vapour in the throat. Whichever you choose is really an issue of preference alone.