Honey is healthy – everybody knows this. Your family physician may have prescribed it at one time or another. And there are very few people who don’t enjoy the golden syrupy substance our diligent friends produce, so it’s no wonder the natural product that has been gathered and cultivated for millennia can still be found regularly in your average kitchen. However, there are many benefits to honey that you may not yet know about; advantages that have even been forgotten or have never been learned.


Easily absorbed nutrients

Honey contains carbohydrates – but special ones, ones that can easily be converted by the body to glucose. Even the most sensitive of stomachs can handle honey, and this makes it an excellent, easy-to-digest source of energy. After all, that’s why the bees make it and why bears love it.

Natural sweetener

Honey is sweet by nature – a natural sweetener. In fact, it is largely made of glucose and fructose (about 69%), so it can be substituted for sugar in most beverages and dishes. Unlike white sugar, however, it doesn’t negatively affect your health.

More calories but great for weight loss

True, honey has more calories than white sugar. But often, you need only the fraction of the amount of sugar you would normally use to achieve the same sweetness, and it has proven benefits for those who wish to lose weight – especially when combined with lemon juice and cinnamon.

Vitamins and minerals

There are different kinds of honey, but they are all packed with vitamins and minerals. What kind of vitamins and minerals they are composed of depends on the area where the bees made the honey – different kinds of flowers will provide different kinds of vitamins and minerals.

Antibacterial and antifungal

There’s a good reason why honey was used in ancient Egypt as a medicine to be rubbed on wounds, and why modern alternative medicine still uses honey in many recipes. Honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help the curing of infections.

Skin care

It’s a wonderful combination when you have a cold: hot milk and honey. But it is often done (in many cultures, in fact) for one simple reason: milk and honey create smooth, beautiful skin.


Our body contains plenty of free radicals – and honey is an excellent way of getting rid of them. Honey contains nutraceuticals, and they’re great for detox. Regular honey consumption improves the immune system and helps us fight diseases.

Performance boost

Honey is excellent for the maintenance of blood sugar levels and muscle recuperation. Athletes have proven to perform better with the honey boost.

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