Being pregnant can be a brilliant experience. You have your baby growing inside you, and you can’t wait to meet them when they are born in nine months. It can be an exciting time for you and your partner as you buy new stuff for your little one. And you can’t wait to tell your family and friends about the new arrival. But it isn’t all wonderful, though! Your body is going through a significant change, and this can affect different parts of you in strange ways. Most people know about back pain, sickness, and heartburn during pregnancy. But there are lots of other things that might happen that you will not have heard of. Here are six things which can happen to you during pregnancy, that you need to know about!

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Increased shoe size

Something that people might not tell you about is your feet will grow dramatically when you are pregnant. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t actually putting much weight on round your belly, as it has got to do with water fluid why your feet grow so big. As this article explains, your feet can actually grow up to one full shoe size! It is due to you putting a lot of pressure on your feet while carrying your baby. As your ligaments relax, your feet will get wider and stretch. Although it might go back to normal after your baby arrives, some mums end up with having permanently bigger feet! So don’t buy any lovely shoes you might not be able to wear ever again! And don’t forget to ask your partner for a lovely foot massage.

You may start drooling

Another surprising thing that can happen during pregnancy is you will start drooling more. According to this site, some pregnant ladies can produce up to three of four quarters more saliva- not the best look! It’s due to hormones in your body, but it’s not worth worrying about. Some mums-to-be that are sick more during their first trimester can end up with more saliva. It is also likely in ladies that are suffering from heartburn. Don’t be embarrassed if you do start drooling, just make sure you are carrying a tissue to clean yourself up!

Say hello to Piles

Piles are one of the most painful things that can happen to you during pregnancy. If you are getting pain when you got to the toilet, it could be seen as a sign that you are suffering from Piles. You will tend to see blood after you have been to the bathroom. The hemorrhoids tend to happen due to ladies being more constipated during pregnancy. Therefore, they are straining more when they do go to the toilet. They also can occur as there is an increased blood flow in your body during pregnancy. As it says here, one in 10 pregnant ladies can end up with Piles during their third trimester. It also can happen after the baby is here, because of straining during the birth! Unfortunately, it’s something that tends to happen again if you have experienced it once.

You may experience Varicose veins

Another condition that can happen during pregnancy is Varicose veins. It tends to be very common in pregnancy and can be noticed by swollen or enlarged veins in your legs. You will also potentially get pain and colour change in your legs. Because you are carrying a mini human being in your body, it can put a lot of pressure on your body. There is also a lot of added pressure on your legs, and this is why they are most affected. Ladies that exercise regularly tend not to get them, so try and move about during the day. They can often start to go once the baby has arrived, but they can sometimes stay for good. If you are unhappy with the way they look, there are some forms of treatment available you can go for after your baby is born.

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Nosebleeds may occur

As your blood flows increases during your pregnancy, there is more of a chance you will experience annoying nosebleeds. The blood vessels expand during pregnancy due to the extra pressure and hormones, and, therefore, you can end up with nosebleeds. It tends to occur more during the second trimester. Try and make sure you don’t do too much strenuous activity, and drink more water to help prevent nosebleeds as dehydration can make it worse. Try and not panic, and carry tissues with you to help if it does happen. You should go to the doctors if it won’t stop after 20 minutes, or if they are occurring a lot.

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You may have Chloasma

A pregnant woman is bound to get stretch marks as your body changes to help your little one grow. These are perfectly natural and can disappear over time. And most women know that they will experience acne while they are expecting, especially if they have suffered with it before. But not a lot of ladies know that they could end up with Chloasma-The Mask of Pregnancy. It is dark patches which can appear on your face, and it affects 50%- 70% of mums-to-be. It’s due to the rise of estrogen in a pregnant woman’s body. You may also notice moles and freckles will appear to go darker too. It tends to occur more in mums with darker skin. Try and avoid too much time in the sun as this makes it worse, and use sunscreen to protect yourself. The condition tends to go once the baby is born, so don’t worry too much.

It can be a very stressful time for you, and if you have any concerns, you can speak to your midwife, or visit the doctor. Just remember, you shouldn’t be embarrassed by any of the above as pregnancy is a natural thing that happens. And your friends will have experienced some of them before! However, if any of these has put you off getting pregnant, here are some ways how not to get pregnant in the near future!