We love our pets as much as we love our son/daughter and as much as we care for our siblings. Some of us also tend to be comfortable sleeping in the same bed with them. In fact, doing that is capable of providing a sense of security to pet owners, knowing that their pet is by their side as they sleep.

However, experts do not suggest pet owners to do that especially it is capable of putting their health at risk.  Beware you might possible get diseases you’ve never imagined such as paralysis tick symptoms after removal sickness. For you to prevent this, you should visit a cat clinic near you.

What are the 4 possible health risks you might get from sleeping with your pet?

  1. Bubonic Plague

Fleas are the most common causes of bubonic plague and they can often be found on pets. In fact, there have been already a lot of cases of people who has acquired the said disease because of them sleeping together with their pet. Also, the chances of one acquiring bubonic plague increases if the pet that is sleeping with them is sick. It is also more worrisome for dog carriers as they are not likely prone to getting sick from it and so, it would be much difficult for the plague to be recognized in them as compared to cats.

  1. Cat scratch disease

Just like its name states, this disease can be acquired from being scratched by a cat that has been infected by a flea that contains bacteria. There are other ways for this disease to be transmitted and that includes being licked by a cat. On other hand, pets including cats like licking their owners to wake them up especially if they share the same bed.

  1. Chagas disease

This disease is caused by the protozoan parasite that targets pets whenever they are asleep and studies suggests that those who have a pet has an increased risk of acquiring the said disease, especially if they sleep together with their pet. This disease is also deadly not only to pets but to humans as well. It is prevalent in some countries also.

  1. MRSA

If pets can be carriers of bugs, so does humans. In fact, it is possible for one to acquire the said disease numerous times, especially if their dogs have slept in the same room and has licked their face. People with a weak immune system are also more likely to acquire the said disease.

Sleeping with your pets both has positive and negative impacts on you and such negative impact includes you having a high risk of acquiring various diseases. Of course, it would still depend on a case-to-case basis. Say for instance, if you have an allergy, it is not suggested by veterinarians for you to sleep on the same room as your pet. In addition, there are other things that you can do with your pet besides sleeping together and so, better make another room or space for them in your home. Or better yet, visit Gordon Vet website and ask them about the precautionary measures to avoid these risks before it’s too late.

Surely, they are important in your life but your health is also important. In addition to that, how can you take care of them if you cannot even take care of yourself?