Sport is a wonderful thing for many reasons. One of those is that it keeps you fit and healthy, which is very important! Here’s my pick of the best sports that will get you fit:

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Depending on where you’re from, you may use different terms for this sport. But, to keep the purists happy, we’ll refer to it as football from now on. Yes, football is a brilliant sport that will get you fit, fast. Anyone that’s played in a football match can tell you that it isn’t easy. Running up and down a full-size pitch can be tough work on your body, but amazing for your fitness. Very rarely will you get time to catch your breath, and by the time you do, you end up needing to run again. Add to this all the kicking involved, and your legs take a beating.

But, eleven-a-side football isn’t the only way you can improve your fitness. Find a five/six a side team if you want to take things up a notch. This scaled down version of football involves constant running and intensity. Don’t underestimate how tough five a side football is, it will destroy you. You’ll finish every match sweating buckets, but it feels great to know you’ve got a good workout in.

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For me, tennis is one of the most underrated sports in the world. Not just regarding how it gets you fit, but in general. People don’t understand the effort levels that go into one simple tennis match. What makes this sport so brutal is that you’re working your entire body for a good couple of hours. There’s a lot of running involved, but you also have to carry a racket. So, you’re running while holding a racket, and then you have to hit the ball with it. But, you’ve got to put in lots of strength when you hit it to get enough power. You can get seriously fit by playing tennis a couple of times a week. Head to your local club or find a public court that you and your friend can play on.

Tennis will work on your cardiovascular endurance, as well as upper body strength. And, there is a thing called cardio tennis, that is more based on improving fitness. To prove how gruelling tennis is, have a look at these crazy points:  



This one might surprise you a bit, but golf can help you get fit. Many people think that golf isn’t even a proper sport. They see it as a leisure activity. You hit a ball around a field and stroll from place to place. However, you rarely see how much effort golf athletes put into training to be this good. Go to a driving range and start practicing your swing over and over and over again. I can promise you you’ll start to have a sore arm and a sweaty brow. And, golf involves a lot of walking, which is great for the body and to helps you get fit. It’s the ideal sport for someone looking to stay fit during their later years. Or, someone that struggles with injuries so needs something that’s not too intense.

But, don’t think that you can’t get some intensity out of golf too because you can. As you’ll see here there’s a thing called golf fitness. This is a new trend that takes golf and makes it more intense and explosive. Great if you love golf and want to work in some more cardio at the same time.

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Although basketball is mainly big in the USA, it’s still a sport you should try out. What sets this apart from the rest is that players are almost forced to play quickly. You can’t stand around for long in basketball; the game moves fast. When your team has the ball, there’s a shot clock that ticks down meaning you must shoot before it ends. This means you have to get close to your opponent’s basket as quickly as you can. The result is manic. Everyone is running up and down non-stop, it’s crazy. In my eyes, it’s an extremely good sport for improving fitness, give it a try.

There’s a high chance you won’t know a lot about basketball, or even how to play it. So, I’ll direct you towards this link that will help you out:

Which of these sports stands out to you the most? If you fancy giving one a go, then I’m sure there are local clubs and teams in your area to help you out.